Reading List: Here’s What Else Made Headlines on August 20

Reading List is a daily column on weekdays that provides a summary of noteworthy news and rumors not already covered by iFans on the day. Read on to find out interesting tidbits and other important headlines related to both Apple and the greater technology industry for Monday, August 20th.

There are a whole batch of headlines that have surfaced today surrounding the ongoing Apple and Samsung patent trial, including a confusing jury questionnaire, the inability for Tim Cook to reach a last-minute settlement with Samsung today and Apple’s claims that the Galaxy Nexus was designed to beat the iPhone. Meanwhile, the latest story from the rumor mill comes from DigiTimes, our favorite hit-and-miss publication, which says that production of a 7.85-inch iPad will ramp up in September.

In other news, a teaser for the Plants vs. Zombies sequel has been released, Apple has issued a statement in response to a recently unveiled SMS security issue, Facebook director Peter Thiel unloaded roughly 20 million shares as the social network company’s stock continues to plunge, BiteSMS 6.3 is now available on Cydia for half price and the world got a glimpse at the upcoming DROID RAZR HD by Motorola in YouTube videos that have since been pulled.

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