Google: Software Patents “Not Helpful to Innovation”

Google’s Public Policy director Pablo Chavez today made it clear that Google is not in support of software patents, and believes that they hinder innovation, which in turn harms the consumer. He stated the following to the Technology Policy Institute:

We think that these patent wars are not helpful to consumers. They’re not helpful to the marketplace. They’re not helpful to innovation.

This is the one of first times that Google has openly proclaimed their dislike of software patents as a concept, particularly when used as “weapons” against other products and services. These statements come at a time when software patents may become infinitely more valuable to the Mountain View corporation: Google, through Motorola, has sued Apple for various supposedly infringements.

But, again, it is nice to see a company with as much power on Capitol Hill as Google to be publicly proclaiming their dislike of software patents. Software patents, because of their very nature, are vague and easily misconstrued and abused – just ask the various popular iPhone developers, who fear getting an email from a powerful patent troll, demanding a fee, or risk being eliminated in court.

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