Apple’s Genius Bar: 50,000 Served Daily

After opening two more stores this weekend, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop was able to glean some information about the overall performance of Apple’s Retail store chain, and specifically the Genius Bar:

There is also an interesting data point from Apple’s retail Genius Bar. According to the company, 50,000 people get serviced at a Genius Bar around the world, every single day. That’s a lot of appointments.

Indeed it is. The Apple Store has long been one of the company’s secret weapons, as it is useful in controlling the overall experience for many customers. While the number of Apple Stores pales in comparison to other electronic retailers, the Apple Retail Store is held up as the premier Apple experience.

Another point of note: there have been more than 300 million visitors to Apple’s Retail Stores since the 2012 fiscal year began in October of 2011. That’s in the ballpark of the population of the United States (311 million).

[The Loop]

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