Apple Breaks Microsoft Record For Most Valuable Publicly-Traded Stock Ever

Today marks another significant milestone for Apple, as its stock has once again skyrocketed to a price of nearly $662 at the time of writing and has officially smashed Microsoft’s record, set over one decade ago, for most valuable publicly-traded stock ever. Microsoft’s market capitalization peaked at $618.89 billion on December 30, 1999, while Apple has officially passed that mark today with a market capitalization of $621.15 billion and rising. The surge in Apple stock price is likely attributed to the imminent releases of the next-generation iPhone and so-called “iPad mini,” or so it is rumored.

Apple has now reached a new all-time high stock price for the third consecutive weekday, first breaking its own record on Thursday and then passing the $600 billion mark in market capitalization on Friday. Apple has become nearly two-and-a-half times as valuable as it was in January 2011, despite the passing of co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs last October and skepticism surrounding how successful the Cupertino-based company could be without his leadership. It has been said in the past that Apple could become the first trillion dollar company, something that becomes more realistic each day as its stock price continues to rise.

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