Saturdays with Stephen: Kickstarter Watch 2

Saturdays with Stephen is an interesting and equally opinionated weekly series that provides a closer analysis of news related to both Apple and the wider technology industry. So turn off the weekend cartoon marathon and join Stephen each Saturday for detailed insight on a trending topic. Be sure to leave your own opinion in the comments and get involved in the open, healthy discussion. Kickstarter Watch is a monthly feature covering trending Apple-related projects.

I don’t think that Kickstarter projects get enough coverage in the tech world. There could be some really exciting things being created, and it seems to me that their campaigns are usually over by the time I read about them. Therefore, I took some time out of my week to search through Kickstarter looking for upcoming Apple related projects — ones that you might want to get involved in.

Today, we’re going to look at an iPod touch adapter claiming to offer free 4G internet, a multiple-use clip designed for holding your iPhone, and a oddly-named, beautiful, and sturdy iPad laptop case.

FreedomSleeve for iPod touch

Allowing your iPod touch to use an EDGE, 3G, or 4G network is not a new idea. The most popular of the devices used to accomplish this is the Apple Peel 520, a Chinese-made case that adds 3G capabilities. The FreedomSleeve, which is a similar piece of hardware, claims to offer you a 4G broadband connection to your iPod touch, %100 free. It’s one of FreedomPop‘s first projects, with 500MB of data completely free for the first month, expandable up to 1GB if you invite your friends.

The FreedomSleeve will let you stream music, use FaceTime, send emails and texts, and even make calls on your iPod touch, but it comes at a cost. The coverage area of the service is almost completely limited to large metropolitan areas, and the device itself is not cheap. You can get yourself one FreedomSleeve for a $99 pledge. Let me know how long that 500MB of free data lasts.

The iClip

The iClip started as a simple holder for attaching your iPhone to your car visor, but grew to be even more useful over time. It functions as an iPhone stand in both vertical and horizontal positions, and will hold your phone right side up or upside down using its patent-pending hourglass design. As a bonus, it has an integrated cable-catch which allows you to store your headphones.

The iClip is simple, but assuming it is successfully funded, it doesn’t require much investment to own. The early bird special is already sold out, but for $18 you can have your pick between 5 obnoxiously named colors: Carbon, Sugar, Limeade, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon.


Speaking of things that are obnoxiously named, welcome to the floor a new iPad laptop case — the CruxSKUNK. CruxCase, creators of a few durable iPad cases, has a new project which intends to be the best iPad laptop case to date. It features a sleek aluminum design that resembles Apple’s aesthetic, a thin body and keyboard, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 360 degree hinge.

The CruxSKUNK seems to emulate the actual laptop experience better than its main competitor, the ZAGGfolio. The early bird pledge is already sold out, and the device does come at a steep price at $155 for the base commitment. For your generous pledge of $155 you will recieve one CruxSKUNK and a leather sleeve to match. The case seems to do a great job at emulating a real keyboard/laptop experience, and though it may be a stretch, it comes close to looking like it was designed by Apple.

What do you think of these Kickstarter campaigns? Make sure to click the title of any of these projects to see more details and to view summary videos.

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