‘Kenny the Clown’ Used Steve Jobs’ Stolen iPad During His Performances

‘Kenny the Clown,’ a professional entertainer in California, used a stolen iPad belonging to Steve Jobs

Earlier this week, it was discovered that 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin broke into the home of the late Steve Jobs and stole over $60,000 worth of Apple products, jewelry and other items. Among the items stolen was an iPad that the burglar gifted to his friend Kenneth Kahn, a professional entertainer that goes by the name “Kenny the Clown.” According to the San Jose Mercury News, Kahn had been using the iPad to play songs for kids during his clown performances and had no knowledge that it was stolen or once belonged to the co-founder of Apple, the most successful company in the world.

The stolen iPad has since been taken into custody by local police and McFarlin been arrested and will remain behind bars until his court appearance on Monday. The two men became friends over ten years ago when Kahn coached McFarlin on a high school basketball team in Alameda, California. As noted by CNET, the story does seem rather fishy since McFarlin had admitted to making the robbery because he was homeless and in “dire straits,” which makes one question why he might have chosen to donate one of the iPads he stole to a friend.

[Mercury News via CNET]

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