AAPL Closes At Record High

At the time of closing for the stock market, 4 pm Eastern Time, Apple’s stock sat at $636.34 – a new all-time high for the Cupertino company. Likely due to the upcoming refresh of Apple’s most profitable product lines, as well as the possible introduction of a new product all together, the price was also influenced by the first dividend given to Apple’s investors since the company went public. At $2.65 per share, there were definitely many looking to pick up more of Apple’s stock today, which inevitably pushed the price higher. It has now fallen in after-hours trading.

Investors on Wall Street tend to be bullish on Apple, particularly before the announcement of new products. Change, in the financial land, is either good or bad. Some vote that it’s good, and some vote that it’s bad – that, obviously, has the ability to influence the stock price.

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