Nokia and Microsoft to Host a September 5th Media Event about Windows Phone 8

After the initial announcement of Windows Phone 8, many questions were left unanswered. Most importantly, what hardware would act as the flagship device for Microsoft’s brand new (architecturally speaking) mobile OS? That question, and hopefully many others, will be answered just a week before Apple is rumored to announce their next-generation iPhone.

Microsoft and Nokia have issued an invitation to the relevant media, inviting them to a New York City event where, according to the rumor mill, Nokia will show off its next-generation hardware. This hardware will likely feature a dual-core processor (feel the power), and will ship with Windows Phone 8. It will, therefore, have all the improvements Microsoft’s new OS feature, including the Windows NT core, a new Start screen, Nokia’s mapping application and technologies, and further improvements for developers.

Regardless, the hardware is sure to be worth looking at, as Nokia’s Lumia hardware has a unique design language that is universally hailed as being great in the hand. Unfortunately, the OS has always been the Achilles’ heel, lagging behind in functionality but trying to hide behind its pretty face. Windows Phone 8 hopes to change this, and the first step happens with the upcoming event.


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