Judge Koh to Apple and Samsung: “It’s Time for Peace”

As the Apple vs. Samsung trials move ever closer to the jury deliberating and deciding the verdict, Judge Lucy Koh stated the following:

“I see risk here for both sides if we go to a verdict,” Judge Lucy Koh said on Wednesday. She said that if the companies were just seeking to show the world they both have intellectual property positions relative to tablets and smartphones then “message delivered.”

Judge Koh has expressed frustration with both companies since before the case was even seen, as she strongly believes that this should have never made it to the trial stage. Instead, she believes that Apple and Samsung are both being foolish, and should have settled. Obviously, Judge Koh has a point: both sides have shown strong evidence of the other company infringing upon their respective products, and the jury is definitely going to be considering the invalidation of various patents from each side.

Judge Koh has one other piece of advice for both companies: “It’s time for peace.”


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