The Unfortunate Truth: Third-Party Apps Look Horrible on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display (For Now)

Today marks the two month anniversary since I purchased my new MacBook Pro with Retina display, by far the most powerful and advanced notebook that I have ever used. Not only is the next-generation MacBook Pro much thinner and lighter than previous models, but it has a fast quad-core processor, solid-state storage, lots of memory by default configuration and powerful graphics. I could list numerous other benefits of the new MacBook Pro, although one thing that continues to hinder early adopters of the notebook is the absence of Retina-supported third-party apps for OS X.

While the native suite of apps on OS X Mountain Lion are optimized for the Retina display, making Safari, Garage Band, Messages and so forth look great, there is a sharp contrast when you open up apps that have yet to take advantage of the extra pixels such as Microsoft Office for Mac — which isn’t expected to gain Retina support any time soon — and several other offerings from the Mac App Store. The pixel-doubled, blurry look of third-party apps on the Retina display looks awful, although I recognize that patience is a virtue in this case since 2,880 by 1,800 pixels on a 15-inch screen wasn’t exactly heard of until now.

[Cult of Mac]

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