Visualization: iOS Device Matrix

Meant for developers, this matrix shows what devices and OS versions are recommended to be supported. It also offers a glimpse in to the iOS landscape, from a developer’s perspective.

A larger version can be viewed here. Breaking it down, iOS 5 and up are recommended to be supported. The majority of iOS devices are on the latest version (iOS 5.1.1), and only the devices that aren’t supported remain on a previous version of iOS. However, because the majority of iOS devices are supported by the latest iOS releases, developers are recommended to drop support for older versions.

While the above matrix is relatively complex, and shows that there is at least some fragmentation in Apple’s iOS world, Android has it worse – hit the break to see the breakdown of Android devices.

Android development obviously takes in to account this number of devices, but it is still worth noting that developers are forced to tweak their apps for specific devices.

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