What Name Will the Next-Generation iPhone Have?

With the next-generation iPhone expected to be released in under one month, the rumor mill has pinpointed virtually every detail about the forthcoming handset. One thing that is still unknown, however, is what name Apple will choose for its sixth-generation iPhone. First, let’s take a look at the iPhone naming history.

First is the original iPhone, followed by the iPhone 3G to designate faster cellular data speeds. A year later, the iPhone 3GS was released with the “S” designated for “speed,” “special,” or something along those lines. Next up is the iPhone 4 to signify that it is Apple’s fourth-generation smartphone. Most recently, Apple debuted the iPhone 4S, with CEO Tim Cook noting that the “S” in this instance stands for “Siri.”

The rumor mill has often referred to the upcoming iPhone as the “iPhone 5,” although that would not make sense chronologically since it will be Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. Apple could stick with the “iPhone 5″ moniker anyways because of marketing purposes, although another name that is being tossed around is simply “the new iPhone,” which seems like a more logical name for the handset. After all, Apple called its most recent iPad with Retina display the “new iPad.”

Perhaps there is an entirely different name that you think Apple will choose for its sixth-generation iPhone. The handset is rumored to feature an aluminum unibody chassis, smaller 8-pin, 9-pin or 19-pin dock connector, centered FaceTime camera, redesigned speaker grills and a headphone jack relocated to the bottom of the handset. Moreover, it is also widely expected that Appleā€™s next iPhone will be compatible with LTE networks and could feature NFC for mobile payments.

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