iFans Community App Roundup 2012

About two months ago, we asked you to write a recommendation paragraph for an app that you love. As the summer season wraps up and the student population goes back to school, I thought it would be a good time to showcase the apps that were written about and feature some of our community members here on the front page. Follow after the break for a few of our communities’ personal suggestions and maybe you’ll find an app that you’ve never heard of!

CarlosTheJackl – Jet Car Stunts

My favourite app is a game called Jet Car Stunts. It is a physics based racing game, drawing inspiration from other well known racing games like Track Mania. The main focus of the game is to simply finish the track, using ramps, and jet fuel speed boost to race around. There are 36 levels to begin with, plus an additional 26 available via DLC. The game is extremely polished, the graphic look amazing on a retina screen, the color scheme although simple (green, red, white and black) is nice. The physics that the game employes for drifting and jumping is amazing, the car has the right feel of gravity and momentum. It is available on all major mobile OS’ like iOS ($1.99 or Lite), Android ($2.06 or Lite), and Windows Phone 7.5 ($2.99)

The KillswitchWorld of Goo

Believe it or not, one of my all time favorite games at the moment is World of Goo. I’ve been talking about this game for a while now, and for good reason. You can pick it up for $4.99 in the Google Play store, and you have a choice between two versions in the App Store; the HD version will set you back the same $4.99, or if you want to go cheaper and sacrifice the graphics quality, you can get the standard definition version for only $2.99. Either way, you get your money’s worth.

The app is a puzzle-based wonder that has great graphics and a stunning soundtrack (available on Spotify, as well as iTunes). You must construct towers, bridges and ladders out of goo balls to reach your goal on each level. Once this is done, you are awarded for each extra goo ball collected. There are several obstacles along the way, such as gears, spikes and bottomless pits. As you progress, you will also discover several types of goo that possess different properties that make the game a bit more challenging and interesting.

Like most puzzle games, there is a lack of an actual plot. But it does a good job of keeping you interested as you progress each level.

I highly reccomend this game to anyone who enjoys great music, a fun time waster, and best of all replay value. I have played through this game countless times, and it hardly gets old each time I pick it up again.


It’s an old app that is great for laying out complex situations graphically.

Say you have three radio control cars, which all need parts. Some of the parts come from different vendors, and another site has parts needed for all three cars. Plus your order list has entries for parts needed now, parts for regular maintenance, and upgrade parts that are not needed right now, but you want to order them still. And say your wife who hasn’t a clue about rc cars is going to do the ordering.
Headspace is great to lay out and oganize lists, ideas, even keep track of business, and do it graphically with the ability to link any entries to any other entries!
So you have 3 teams of employees, all with individual goals, yet some parts of seperate teams will interact to complete tasks?? Headspace!

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