Apple to Samsung in 2010: Let’s License

As more interesting tidbits of information come flowing freely out of the Samsung vs. Apple case, things aren’t looking good for the counter plaintiff. Today, documents revealed that Apple openly was seeking to settle with Samsung back in 2010, and wanted to avoid court. Apple’s proposal? $40 per Samsung tablet sold, and $30 per smartphone (note that it would not have been every phone ever made, but instead the ones that infringed upon the patent). According to the documents, Apple felt that a deal would be more beneficial for both parties, given how closely related Samsung and Apple are in the components business.

Such a deal would have made Samsung’s per-unit revenue on each device drop by roughly 20%. As we now know, Samsung refused the deal, and instead decided that carrying the issue to trial was the best approach.

Also, if you’re wondering, yes, the above image is from the official court documents. And no, that isn’t actually an iPhone 4. It seems as if someone on Apple’s legal team is confused.


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