Industrial Designer Don Lehman on the iPhone 5

Don Lehman, an industrial designer based in Chicago, today published an in-depth analysis of the leaked iPhone 5 housings that have been making the rounds on the Apple rumor circuit. The article touches on various issues, including the antenna system, the aluminum back, and the overall strength of the design.

Lehman has this to say about the rumored housing:

If true, this design will be noteworthy for being the first unibody iPhone, making it the thinnest, strongest, and lightest housing to date.

Lehman also expects the iPhone 5 to be lighter than the 4 and 4S, due to the elimination of various parts by turning to a unibody setup. The next iPhone should be a drastic improvement over the design of the iPhone 4 in terms of functionality – it won’t be prone to shattering, the antenna system should be an improvement, and it should even feel better in the hand. From a design point of view, opinions are mixed. I agree with Lehman, personally, in that I think the design is stunning and fresh – though I prefer the black to the white, this time around. All aspects considered, September 12th is shaping up to be a very interesting day.

[The Techblock]

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