Patent Filings Reveal Apple, Samsung Sales Numbers

In just another chapter of the long-running legal battle between Samsung and Apple, the patent filings have revealed detailed sales numbers of many devices, including Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line.

Apple has sold just over 34 million iPads since the devices release in 2010, generating about $19 billion in revenue for the company. Sales for the iPad are on a meteoric rise. Samsung, on the other hand, has shipped 1.43 million units of the three Galaxy Tab models, which generated $644 million in revenue. While Samsung may be close to edging out Apple in terms of smartphones shipped, Apple is far and away the leader in tablets.

Apple has sold almost 86 million iPhones since the original model launched in 2007, racking up just over $50 billion in revenue. Sales have increased each year, with each new model outselling all models before it, combined. 19 million iPhones have been sold so far this year in the U.S., including 8.3 million just last quarter.

Samsung has sold 21.2 million smartphones since 2010. Keep in mind that these are only the numbers for the devices included in the current lawsuit – devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and the Epic 4G. Also of note: the most popular Samsung smartphone that is involved in the case is the Galaxy Prevail, a prepaid smartphone going for $149.99 at Boost Mobile, which has sold 2.25 million units. Note that, if the case included other popular devices, these numbers would look different.


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