Samsung Could Acquire RIM if BlackBerry 10 Fails

Speaking with Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek claimed that while the new BlackBerry 10 is “much better” than previous iterations, it is simply not as good as Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 software update and only on par with the top Android offering. As such, Misek believes that Research in Motion’s best bet may be to license the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, likely to South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung. The analyst adds that Samsung is believed to be considering ramping up its efforts in developing an internal operating system, licensing BlackBerry 10 or acquiring RIM altogether.

Samsung has been tremendously successful as of late, however it lacks the insurance that Apple has with its iOS platform since it does not own the Android operating system. The Galaxy S III maker could work alongside RIM and its BlackBerry platform, however a full-out acquisition seems more likely. An acquisition of this nature is unlikely to occur until at least the launch of BlackBerry 10, however, since RIM is hoping the platform will be the “saving grace” for the Canadian company and help it get back on track after losing its position as a longtime leader in the smartphone industry.

[The Globe and Mail via BGR]

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