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Michael Johnson is an Olympic runner that is closer to home. Although Jamica has Usain Bolt, we can live in the past with Michael Johnson. Wanna’ win a 200 and 400 in the same Olympic year? Johnson’s been the only man in history to do this. Michael Johnson’s Fun Run is a new app that takes short sprints and cross country running into a fun, quick, and time-killing app.  


The main idea behind this Fun Run is to avoid bad food choices and accept the good food. Soda and burgers go under the bad food while corn, oranges, apples, and pears all show up as good food choices. With enough good food in you, you can run into some top speed.

The meal that’ll help you win is right above the horizon.

These foods play a key role if you wish to do well in the cross-country (XC) mode of the game. Although Johnson isn’t a distance runner himself, this aspect of good food is one that drives the game. The Cross Country mode is the main focus of the game over Track Pack.

The main difference between these two modes is that the XC mode will contain food while the Track mode is purely Michael’s track events: the 1, 2, and 4 hundred sprints. The XC mode has varying levels of difficulty as new levels and areas are unlocked, healthy food becomes more scarce as unhealthy food litters the track. Eat it and it’ll harm your race. Finish the race in good time and you’ll be awarded a medal: bronze, silver, or gold. Medals are used to unlock new locations.

Just a silver, I need to improve.

Once you step onto the Track (Mode), it’s race time. Try to go after the gold by beating Michael’s best times in his 100, 200, and 400 with 10.09, 19.31, and 43.18 seconds respectively (the 43 second 4 is still the world record today). Not fast enough? There are other times in there as well for bronze and silver. Do very bad and… Well nevermind.

Not fast enough, nevermind it, go practice and train more, you’ll make it one day.

Controls are very simple, swipe your fingers in a running motion to run. That’s it. Run fast, run long, finish strong. Landing your “foot” onto a food item will cause you to consume it, so skip over the burgers and pop, you’ll need the green energy to win.

The controls are plain and simple, but if you do need help, look above.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


The graphics are quirky and fun. They are meant to be laid back, and the developers do this task diligently. Clear, thick lines are drawn on the screen in a cartoon-like fashion that allows you to see a good amount of detail. The world remains rounder than it actually is. Background scenery is lost in the distance while texturing of the red track is beautifully done. Frames and animations are beautiful and have a delicate touch to them.

This game is wrapped up with good graphics that runs very smoothly.

Graphics: ★★★★★


The sound effects continue on with the graphics being fun and amusing. A dainty little BGM starts up once the app loads into the menu. This quickly changes once race time goes as the pace quickens. The daintiness of the song is not lost, but it’s become faster. A nice ding sound comes with each healthy food choice; step on a bad choice and get the buzzer! Audio really brings this game together and is beautifully implemented into this Fun Run.

Audio: ★★★★★


Michael’s records are hard to hit in the game, but still easier than replicating them in real life. Reaching higher is what keeps this game going, getting better and eventually beating the greatest 400 runner to date. Even after that, there is the addictive qualities of the gameplay. If sprinting isn’t your thing, go run XC and enjoy the scenery. Unlockables, acheivements, and leaderboards keep you putting more kilometers on your shoes. Although there are unlockables available in XC mode, I do wish there would be other venues in the Track Pack.

Wanna’ run elsewhere? Go collect those medals!

Replay: ★★★★½


I really can’t complain too much about the single short coming though as the game is free. That said, it’s well worth the download. Not only that, it teaches you that in order to win, you must eat right. The wrong drink can leach the oxygen straight out of your veins. So eat healthy and run fast.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Fun Run is really a great game that steps into the history of Track and Field personalizing it closer to our own Michael Johnson. Connecting his own personal records into the game, as well as linking it to good meals not only makes this game fun, it makes it educational as well. So don’t just sit there, get your fingers ready, and be the next Johnson!

Overall Score


Michael Johnson’s Fun Run

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