Reading List: Here’s What Else Made Headlines on August 3

Reading List is a new daily column each Monday through Friday that provides a summary of noteworthy news and rumors not already covered by iFans on the day. Read on to find out interesting tidbits and other important headlines related to both Apple and the greater technology industry for Friday, August 3rd.

The jury trial between Apple and Samsung has provided the public with some interesting information today, with Apple executive Phil Schiller sharing the Cupertino-based company’s marketing budget for the past three years and iOS head Scott Forstall revealing that certain employees had to give up weekends and nights for years to work on the original iPhone.

Additionally, it was reported today that AT&T will be shutting down its 2G network by 2017, which is fairly insignificant considering that only 12 percent of current AT&T customers use that network. Nevertheless, the original iPhone will simply become a bulkier iPod touch by 2017. Last, Gizmodo’s Twitter account was hacked today, with offensive messages posted, while OS X Mountain Lion has been causing battery drainage issues for some customers.

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