‘Try iOS’ Provides an Easier and Fun Way to Learn iPhone Development

Developing an app for the iPhone or iPod touch can become quite burdensome when you think about all the requirements involved; for starters, you need to know the Objective-C programming language, you need to own a Mac and you need to download the latest version of Xcode and the iPhone SDK. For some, these obstacles are enough to simply give up on the prospect of developing for iPhone.

Fortunately, a new Kickstarter project called ‘Try iOS‘ by Code School aims to make learning iPhone development easier┬áby offering high quality screencasts, in-browser code challenges, and an in-browser iPhone simulator. Best of all, the entire learning process has a challenging gaming twist to it that aims to provide a fun learning environment. Find out how to get started just ahead.

‘Try iOS’ has already reached its initial funding target of $50,000, with a $25 pledge securing your access to the online course and getting your name listed in the credits section of the course Wrap Up page. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait until around November to get access to the course. In the meantime, Code School will provide more detailed video explanations and hints for ‘Try iOS’ if the project can reach $75,000 by its funding date of August 28th.

While this online course will provide an easier, visual approach to learning iPhone development, you will still need to know basic programming in order to excel in this course. For instance, Code School notes that you will need to know what strings, methods, and classes are, adding that Codecademy provides free lessons for such programming. Will you be backing the ‘Try iOS’ project?

[Kickstarter via ModMyi]

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