Detailed Video Comparison of iPhone 4S and Next-Gen iPhone Displays

Parts supplier ETrade Supply was first to provide a video demonstration of the back panel for the purported next-generation iPhone, and has now returned with another video that provides a detailed comparison of the front display panels for the iPhone 4S and so-called “iPhone 5″ smartphones.

The video reveals that the next-generation iPhone has a display with a length of approximately 3.5 inches and width of 2.0 inches, while the iPhone 4S display is approximately 3.0 inches in length and 2.0 inches in width. The conclusion drawn from these numbers is that Apple has only increased the length of the display on the so-called “iPhone 5,” while the width has remained the same.

This video leak also shows a centered FaceTime camera above the iPhone earpiece, all but confirming rumors that have surfaced over the past few months. Additionally, the display glass on the next iPhone appears to be more scratch resistant, while the home button is slightly different than the iPhone 4S.

Apple is expected to hold a special event on September 12th to announce the sixth-generation iPhone, rumored to feature an aluminum unibody chassis, smaller 8-pin or 19-pin dock connector, centered FaceTime camera, redesigned speaker grills and a headphone jack relocated to the bottom of the handset. Moreover, it is also widely expected that Appleā€™s next iPhone will be compatible with LTE networks and could feature NFC for mobile payments.

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