Apple Working to Improve Customer Experience

Apple Stores have been a tremendously successful venture for Apple, with millions of people walking into the brick-and-mortar retail locations per day worldwide. At the same time, the significant foot traffic that these retail stores receive can become quite burdensome for the Cupertino-based company since not all customers receive the best experience possible. That’s about to change, however, as 9to5Mac has learned that Apple is making changes to the Genius Bar and other retail aspects to provide an improved customer experience.

The first change that Apple has made is revamping its Concierge app on both iPhone and iPad, allowing Genius Bar employees to perform tasks such as checking in a customer for an appointment easier thanks to a new “dashboard view.”There is also a new calendar section in the app that allows Geniuses to view upcoming One-on-One sessions and book customers into workshops quicker. Last, the app has a new Session Manager that appoints customers to certain Geniuses instead of placing them in a list to get help with the next available associate.

Session Manager allows Genius Bar customers to have their appointments assigned to individual Genius Bar employees. Now, customers are pre-assigned to an employee, rather than employees pulling in people off of a list after they finish with their current customer. This is a much more streamlined process for both the Apple employee and the Genius Bar customer.

Apple will be rolling out other internal retail changes throughout August. More importantly, the iPhone maker is beginning to stress that the Genius Bar is predominantly for fixing or solving Mac issues. Apple wants issues dealing with the iPhone or other iOS devices to take place on the floor as much as possible, which could provide a more streamlined experience for Mac users looking for help at the Genius Bar.


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