Jury Selected for Apple vs. Samsung Trial

It has been a long and gruesome year and counting since Apple first sued Samsung back in April 2011, based off claims that its Galaxy lineup of smartphones and tablets blatantly copied the “look and feel” of the iPhone and iPad. Fast forward to present day and the jury trial between Apple and Samsung is finally set to take place. According to CNET, a set of ten jury members has been chosen to hear the patent infringement lawsuit.

After whittling down a pool of prospective jurors, the court now has its 10, which will hear testimony and decide the case.

On the way to that selection, potential jurors were asked myriad questions ranging from what gadgets they owned to whether they worked for either company. Such a question was an important one given where the trial is taking place. The U.S. District Court here in San Jose is just a few miles away from Apple’s nearby Cupertino headquarters.

Hopefully, this is the “final showdown” between the two consumer electronics giants, but that is hard to say when both companies have been suing each other in courts across ten different countries. Samsung admits that it enjoys the media attention it has received from being involved in this legal battle, while Apple has openly expressed that it believes the patent system can be painfully annoying.



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