Over 400,000 Apps Don’t Get Downloaded on App Store

Apple is the first to boast about the ever growing number of apps available on the App Store, although a significant portion of those apps will never be downloaded by iPhone, iPod touch or iPad users. App tracking firm AdEven, which has just launched a new tool called AppTrace for app statistics, spoke with GigaOM about the difficulties that an independent developer faces in promoting the discovery of his or her app.

“The reality is there are only a couple of thousand apps that really make some kind of downloads,” Christian Henschel, Adeven CEO, told me. “This is based on Apple’s closed system — it’s tough to discover those kinds of apps. You don’t have proper search, so the only way to discover new apps is through the top listing.”

“If you’re not on those lists, it’s not sure that you’re being discovered by anyone else. The top 25 tend to be the same companies who spend millions of dollars to get to the top of those lists. If you’re an independent, small app publisher, then it’s really tough to be discovered.”

The closed App Store system provides limited visibility for developers that cannot afford to spend millions of dollars on marketing, while a select few app powerhouses such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Angry Birds maker Rovio continue to rake in the dollars. Apple recently improved its App Store search functionality, which could potentially lead to greater sales for independent App Store publishers.


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