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Speck | iPod Touch 4G Case | $ 24.95

Kangaroos have large pouches to carry and protect their young. It is nothing short of a biological, and genetic adaptation to the Australian environment. Speck thought it would be a good idea to take this idea and incorporate it into a new case. It’s a great idea up front, but could have been better implemented. 

In the Box

  • Speck KangaSkin


The KangaSkin is built as a case with a pouch on it. Unlike kangaroos, however, this pouch is located on the backside rather than the front side. In many ways, I’d rather this formation as it doesn’t cover the skin. The pouch is a good size to fit most things: IEMs, earbuds, money, change, cards, tips, just many small things that would otherwise fly freely in your pocket. The idea is really great at heart, however, the flabby skin can really start to take a shape of something that you wouldn’t want in your pocket. Random nubs sticking out and an uninform shape really make this nice feature lose momentum. It still does work well though, and I’ll give them that.

The pouch is amply sized to allow many things to be held in it, your earbuds for example.

The case is available in a multitude of colors, at the moment, 4: yellow, purple, red, and blue. The case itself is not a hard-case, instead, silicone seems to be the material of choice. The silicone isn’t as tough as I’d like it to be in some areas, like the outer pouch, but thicker around the bezel of the iPod. There is an opening for the speaker, dock connector, and headphone jack on the bottom end. Buttons are covered; while the power button is easy to use and reach, the volume buttons become harder to press. In the end, usability also becomes a slight issue.

The case looks nice overall.

Design: ★★★★


The case itself will cover as much of the iPod as possible. The bottom and screen are left exposed so they can be used with the case on. The camera is also left exposed as well for obvious reasons. Silicone isn’t the toughest of materials, but it’s spongy and has good impact absorbtion. This case is no different. The silicone that covers the iPod itself is thick and stiffer; not like the pouch cover. The problem with silicone, however, is that it is flexible and can let debris in.

Many things are left exposed with the case on, but it is with reason.

Protection: ★★★★½


As I stated earlier, the silicone is thicker. This makes the silicone much harder to tear. However, the thicker silicone only covers the iPod. The silicone for the outer-rim of the pouch is a lot thinner and feels much weaker. If I were afraid of tears, it would be here. I would rather have some sort of plastic, or metal reinforcements around the iPod region and thicker silicone for the pouch. The build is good, but not great.

The silicone that surrounds the iPod is much thicker than the pouch’s.

Build: ★★★★


This case MSRPs for around 25 dollars; an average price for a case. For silicone cases, this does head towards the higher end. The case has a great idea behind it, but also some weaknesses overall. If you really need a pouch on the back of your iPod, then this case may be worth it.

Although the power button works great, the volume buttons aren’t easy to use.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Speck has a really great idea on their hands. The implementation, I feel, could have been improved a bit. The protection qualities seem great on this case, I’d trust it despite it being silicone. However, the build isn’t as good, and the design for the volume buttons can seem problematic. If you want a pouch for your iPod to hold your smaller belongings, this may be useful to you.

I’d like to thank Melissa for the review sample.

Overall Score


Speck Kangaskin

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