What’s Your Thoughts on the iPhone’s Purported 19-Pin Dock Connector?

It has been rumored that Apple will include a smaller 19-pin dock connector on the next-generation iPhone for several weeks now, but will you be happy or frustrated by the change? After all, there are thousands of accessories on the market, manufactured over the past decade, that will no longer be compatible with the new iPhone sans some kind of adapter. I personally have my workspace rigged with several iPhone sync cables everywhere for convenient charging or syncing access, although it looks like I might need to redo that design with Apple’s rumored 19-pin dock connector that is on the horizon.

I think that, in the long run, the transition will be smart for Apple. It will be a long transition to the 19-pin dock connector, however, as Apple has released dozens of devices in the past ten years that use the traditional 30-pin dock connector. I think it would be wise for Apple to include a 19-pin to 30-pin dock connector adapter for free in the box with the purchase of a new iPhone, although it is likely that the peripheral will cost a small dollar amount in-stores and on Apple’s website to get one. What do you think about Apple’s expected switch to a smaller dock connector?

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