More Details Emerge About Upcoming iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Models

iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horowitz has provided some interesting information about Apple’s plans for the next-generation iPhone, new iPod touch and so-called “iPad mini” tablet. Horowitz claims that Apple will be ready to release its new iPhone by mid-September alongside two new official cases for the smartphone. The report adds that Apple will also debut a new iPod touch that is faster and has a larger display over its current 3.5-inch, A4 processor model. This could be the first time that Apple releases a new iPhone and iPod touch at the same time.

Horowitz notes that there is too little evidence to suggest that Apple is actually ready to announce or launch a new iPod nano, and will instead opt to focus on its other product lineups during this holiday shopping season. One of those products could include the new “iPad mini” tablet that, according to the report, could be released seperate from the new iPhone and iPod touch at a standalone event in November. Apple is also said to be working on smaller iPad Smart Cover and iPad Smart Case accessories for the iPad mini.

Last, the report provides some information on Apple’s fourth-generation iPad plans. The next iPad is said to feature a slightly changed form factor with a smaller dock connector, rear-side microphone and heat-reducing hardware. The release date for Apple’s fourth-generation iPad remains unclear, although it is likely that the Cupertino-based company will hold off until at least early next year to release the tablet to maintain its one year product refresh cycle. On the other hand, there is a slight chance that Apple could release both an iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad at one single event later this year.


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