Apple Airs New Mac Ads, But They’re ‘Embarrassing’

This particular ad aims to be humorous, yet I didn’t laugh. It’s stale.

During the start of this year’s Olympic Games last evening, Apple aired a trio of new commercials. All starring the same “Apple Genius,” these new advertisements attempt to show potential users how easy it is to do things on a Mac. The only problem is that they do so by having the Genius help users in the commercial, contradicting the mantra of Macintosh. This is not so much an atrocity as it is a different approach than Apple is known for. Sean Hollister of The Verge, however, has different thoughts. He thinks that they’re “embarrassing” and surrounded by “stupidity.”

They all star a single actor who portrays an Apple Genius Bar employee, and stupidity appears to be the other unifying theme. It’s the young genius’ job to explain to two seemingly inept Mac users how to use their computers, and to let a would-be Mac buyer know that he’s been deceived. They feel intellectually cheap. We have no idea how these got greenlit, much less how the company decided they were worth paying for a fraction of the $1 billion NBCUniversal made in Olympics-class airtime this year.

I’ll admit that the 30-second videos have no true emotion or “magic” in them. Apple is known for such things and it would seem that they’ve decided to experiment a bit. I’m with Sean on the advertisements being “intellectually cheap” and they are not that great. Some users are assuming that this is the beginning of Apple’s great decline, even after they just aired some great new iPhone ads with several well-known actors. It’s hard to understand what the main goal of this new advertisement set is, honestly. I can’t really see where they’re trying to go with things and most people on Twitter can’t either. These ads don’t seem like Apple’s standards. What do you think?

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