Zuckerberg: Facebook Making Its Own Phone Doesn’t ‘Make Much Sense’

The Facebook phone has been a dream for some and just another rumor for others. With a reliable source like The New York Times, one would assume that the social network really does want to take things to a new height with hardware. HTC seemed to be a good partner for this and reports favored them, but today all this nonsense has been laid to rest. At Facebook’s earnings call this evening, Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed that there will be no phone coming from the network. He says that it “won’t make much sense” for Facebook to manufacturer its own device when there are so many others out there already.

Instead of designing its own smartphone, Facebook is going to be working with Apple “closely.” This is to ensure that they have strong ties in the hardware world and can focus more on software. Zuckerberg thinks that the network’s relations with Apple will be kept strong and that upcoming integration in iOS and Mountain Lion will make things even better. (Do remember that Android and Windows Phone have already touted the ability to share photos and videos to Facebook effortlessly; Apple is coming in a bit late.)


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