Apple Sends Out Codes for OS X Server to Up-to-Date Users by Mistake

Since the release of its latest iteration of OS X yesterday, Apple has been working hard to issue redemption codes for users who recently purchased a Mac. Some users were reporting that their codes didn’t work and they had to request new ones. Now, a few users in the MacRumors forums are reporting that Apple’s re-issued codes are not for Mountain Lion, but rather the OS X Server elements for the system. The Mac blog says that “at least half a dozen users have reported the same problem,” so it’s clearly not a one-time occurrence.

I just got my second code and was able to redeem it. The only problem is when it redeemed it came up with an error saying OSX Server cannot be downloaded because it requires OSX 10.8.0 to run. It seems they sent me a redemption code for server instead of mountain lion. The pdf with the code clearly says that the code is for mountain lion…

My purchased tab only shows OSX Server – no mountain lion…

Using the Up-to-Date program, Apple does provide OS X Server to users who don’t have it on their machines, but only certain models qualify. The six or so users could have mistakenly clicked the wrong link on the Up-to-Date page, though it’s unlikely. Have you been experiencing any issues using the code Apple sent you? If you’re still waiting for the code, tell us how long it’s been since you applied for one.


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