What’s Coming in the Minecraft PE 0.4.0 Update

iFans forum member TheInfectedOne has compiled a list of new features that will be added in the forthcoming 0.4.0 update to Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The updated version, which is on track for release in three to four weeks, will include bows, torches on fences, boosted brightness, skeletons and spiders, an extended item decay time of five minutes, an expanded inventory with a minimum of six slots, and block drops such as flint, bonemeal, string and feathers. Creepers are also a possible new edition to Minecraft PE, however developers are still doing further testing of this feature.

A number of bug fixes will also be part of the Minecraft PE 0.4.0 update, resolving furnace crash, dandelion yellow egg and dupe bug issues. Fire will also be temporarily removed from the game as developers work to improve that feature. The addition of chests and physics for gravel and sand blocks are also possible additions to the game, although it is likely that these new features will not make an appearance until the 0.5.0 update. All of these new features can be used with Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which is $6.99 on the App Store. Make sure to share interesting features or seeds you have discovered in the comments and don’t forget to check out our Minecraft forum section.

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