AT&T Sells 3.7 Million iPhones in Second Quarter

AT&T today announced its financial earnings results for the second quarter of 2012, posting $3.9 billion in profit and sales of 3.7 million iPhone units. These numbers top both expectations by Wall Street analysts and the 2.7 million iPhones sold by Verizon Wireless during the same quarter. The iPhone continues to be the centerpiece of AT&T’s growth, as the carrier said on Tuesday that 22 percent of the 3.7 million iPhones it sold during the quarter came from new subscribers. 

Apple essentially has a monopoly on the mobile carrier industry with the iPhone because of the large subsidies that it forces these networks to pay in order to offer the handset on their network. Due to booming sales and high consumer demand, however, these telecommunication giants have no choice but to carry the Apple smartphone. After all, the iPhone accounted for roughly 73 percent of the 5.1 million smartphones that AT&T sold during the second quarter.

Apple is set to announce its own earnings results for the second quarter in a conference call later today, which will provide a better look at total iPhone units sold worldwide during the three month period. The iPhone 4S has been booming in international markets, particularly China, despite over six months having passed since the release of the Siri handset. Apple is rumoured to be releasing a new iPhone in the Fall that is both taller and thinner in design.


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