Apple Needs to Release the ‘iPad Mini’ Soon

Following the release of the Kindle Fire by Amazon late last year, the entry-level tablet market has been heating up at a fast pace. Barnes & Noble released its Nook Tablet last November, while Google just recently made a huge splash in the tablet market when it launched the low-priced Nexus 7 tablet earlier this month. With unbelievable demand for the Nexus 7 tablet and the Kindle Fire 2 rumored to be just around the corner, Apple needs to release its so-called “iPad mini” sooner rather than later.

Apple took a stranglehold on the tablet market as a whole when it launched the iPad in early 2010, however its true competition at the time, and arguably even today, continues to be next to none. Consumer electronics makers such as Samsung and Motorola were surprised by the iPad and slow to react to the sudden rebirth of the tablet, with devices like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab failing to hit the market until the iPad was already on an incredible roll. With the purported “iPad mini,” however, the tablet landscape is different for Apple.

Ryan Jones via iDownloadBlog

With consumers opting to purchase entry-level tablets over the iPad due to the cheaper cost and other factors, Apple is losing out on potential sales. The Cupertino-based company needs to get their purported “iPad mini” on the market in quick fashion, or it could be cut off from an extremely important segment of customers. Apple needs to make it clear that it offers a tablet at an affordable price point, as not everyone can justify the purchase of an iPad, which still runs a hefty $499 for the base model. Not everyone is willing to wait around for Apple to make a move.

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