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I don’t think that Kickstarter projects get enough coverage in the tech world. There could be some really exciting things being created, and it seems to me that their campaigns are usually over by the time I read about them. Therefore, I took some time out of my week to search through Kickstarter looking for upcoming Apple related projects — ones that you might want to get involved in.

Today, we’re going to look at a small piece of plastic to make your smart cover more useful, a credit card sized iPhone charger, an amplifier/stand made from reclaimed wood, and a trendy iPhone case that gives bright visual notifications.


The SmarterStand may seem too simple to be worth your time, but it claims to fundamentally change the way you use your Smart Cover. The idea came about when the creator decided that the smart cover does not provide an easy position for casual iPad use. The SmarterStand clips “unlock” three new positions: 33 degrees, 45 degrees, and a private typing stand.

The set comes with 2 SmarterStand clips and a small polyurethane pad that keeps the iPad standing straight in certain positions. There are barely more than 200 of the twelve-dollar “early bird” bundles available at the time of this writing, so act fast if you’re interested.


There have been many moments when I find myself away from my iPad dock, away from a power source when I need it most. The charge card is a portable and convenient charger for iPhone and iPod touch that is readily available when you need it. Near the size of a credit card, it easily fits in your wallet, purse, or pocket.

The “early bird” special for this campaign is sold out, but you can support the project with $20 to get one. The ChargeCard has almost reached it’s goal, and with 37 days to go, it’s almost guaranteed that it will be shipping. It may seem a little pricey for an iPhone charger, but having an emergency solution in your wallet is definitely something worth having — for me atleast.

Sounder Stand

How does an iPhone/iPad amplifying dock made of wood grown during George Washington’s presidency sound? The retail version of the Sounder Stand will be made from reclaimed yellow pine lumber, some of which came from trees that were “two to three hundred years old when they were originally chopped down.” While the idea of naturally amplified docks is nothing new, ones made of beautiful century-old wood is.

The project is steeply priced, but rest assured that every single Sounder Stand is hand crafted and made of one of three kinds of reclaimed wood. The version that will go to retail stores is currently available for a $75 backing. For $175, you can even grab one made of wood from The Coney Island Boardwalk. All of this assuming, of course, that the project is successfully funded.


This one’s been making a lot of buzz around the web. The iPhone has an integrated setting to make the camera’s flash go off when you are receiving an alert such as a call, Facebook notification, or text message. This project takes this native accessibility setting and makes it way cooler, making the iPhone flash green for visual notifications.

I personally do not see practicality of this project. In what situation would you need your iPhone to flash obnoxiously to let you know someone sent you a text? TechCrunch is quoted on the campaign page saying ”Something this cool needs to be funded.” Sure, it’s cool, but outside of a bar conversation starter, what could it be used for? If this campaign is funded, $30 can get you one of the most flashy, trendy cases available for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

What do you think of these Kickstarter campaigns? Make sure to click the title of any of these projects to see more details and to view summary videos.

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