Early iPad Prototype Had 12-Inch Display

If you wanted to get a better look at the grainy mockup design of an early iPad we showed you yesterday, your wished has been granted. Thanks to BuzzFeed, photos of the early iPad prototype have surfaced in full color next to an existing iPad 2. What has been learned from these pictures is that the unreleased tablet computer had approximately a 12-inch display diagonally, just over two inches larger than the 9.7-inch display on current iPad models.

The prototype iPad is less than 1-inch thick and has a distinct appearance that closely resembles the now discontinued white polycarbonate MacBook. The display has a 4:3 aspect ratio, although it is unknown what resolution the screen was intended to run. Steve Jobs openly admitted in 2010 that Apple decided to use this multi-touch, glass panel type of technology towards creating the iPhone, which is likely the reason why the iPad was put on hold until just a few years ago.

[BuzzFeed via MacRumors]

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