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Obstacles; they are the challenge that drives us forward. They are the tough times in life. They are what give our lives meaning. They create the flame in our lives. Without them, we are essentially nothing. Rock(s) Rider is a game of obstacles. You take your dirt bike, and go through obstacles.  


The story behind Rock(s) Rider is lame at best. It really isn’t engaging, nor does it contain any depth to it. Once you start the game, you find out you’re racing for money. Then you choose your character that’s going to ride. That’s it. No clue where the money goes, nothing.

Money is a driving factor behind the unlockables though, that’s about it. Each level has a starting amount of cash you can gain for just going through it. You’ll gain bonuses for your time used and tricks. However, you’ll lose 50 bucks each time you bail, fall, or fail.

At the end of each level you get paid on your performance. So do as many tricks, in the fastest amount of time, minimizing the falls you do to get the most cash.

Tricks can be a fun part of the game, but are extremely limited. You are awarded 100 bucks for each trick you do, so it may be in your best interest to do some tricks. However, don’t forget you do have a timer which will get you more cash than any trick will. That said, the quantity of tricks is limited to frontflips and backflips. The addition of more tricks would make this game much more fun.

Tricks require a bit of air and hangtime and are limited to front and back flips.

Now, tricks are the fun part of the game, they add a slight challenge to the game, but the obstacles are what add the most challenge. As you progress through levels, obstacles get harder, and levels grow longer. Going through them at a fast pace becomes nearly impossible. This is what makes the game fun. Trying to figure out how to pass the obstacle is important.

There are a set amount of checkpoints in each level. If you bail, fall, or fail, you’ll resume at these checkpoints. That’s really it. Avoid using these checkpoints as you’ll lose 50 bucks for each time you use them.

Bails, falls, and fails all deduct 50 bucks from your pay. It may be in your best interest to not fall.

Controls are really simple, and a little customizable. Users can choose from a few different control schemes, including one that uses motion controls to tilt your character. Soft-button controls are also available to use as well.

Controls are simple and easy to adjust to.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


If there is one thing this game does right, it’s graphics. The graphics in this game are beautiful in their own way. Depth, color, and lighting are all dynamically done and create a sense of realism to the game. Textures are high quality and add a nice crispness to the game as a whole. Overall, the game runs extremely smooth, even without a reset of the device. I couldn’t find any ways to improve the graphics in this game, they are truly spectacular.

The graphics are detailed and explosive!

Graphics: ★★★★★


Rock(s) Rider offers a wide range of audio in both the BGM and SFX. The BGM contains a few songs that are rock oriented and very fast, rough, and fun. The fast paced songs keep with the game perfectly and add an extra dimension to the game as a whole. The sound effects are abundant and fun. Really, the sound effects create a nice trifecta between the gameplay and graphics. The BGM adds to it as well.

Audio: ★★★★★


Very little replay is offered in this game. Achievements are there, but that’s about it. You can always go back to the previous levels and get gold on everything, maybe score more cash. That’s about it though. No level editors, no racing head to head. Nothing of that nature is available. It really kills the replay here.

Replay: ★★★


The game does have a few problems here and there concerning value. The graphics and gameplay are absolutely fun while the audio really suites up the deal. However, levels are scarce in the game, limited to only 24 total levels. The replay value is even more scarce than the total levels. This is what kills value. The game does hold plenty of potential to be well worth its price, at the current moment though, it’s not.

Value: ★★★

Final Thoughts

Rock(s) Rider proves to become a really great game in terms of quality. It’s gameplay is fun and engaging. The graphics crisp, detailed, and clear. The audio’s abundant and fun, with an actual BGM. However, the lack or including any replay, and the lack of total levels can really be a turn off for the game.

Overall Score


Rock(s) Rider

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