MacBook Pro Meets Windshield

There is no doubt that Apple products come at a premium, so anyone that purchases a new Mac, iPhone or other device will always do his or her best to take care of that prestigious gadget. But as cliche as it may sound, accidents do happen and Apple products do get damaged. Yesterday morning, iFans forum member DUKE546 came into work to find an obliterated MacBook Pro — belonging to one of his clients — sitting on his desk. Just a few hours earlier, that MacBook Pro had flown right through the windshield of a vehicle that had been rear ended.

I came into work this morning and this was sitting on my desk. My client apparently got rear ended and this MacBook was sitting on his front seat. It was thrown through the windshield and to my surprise it still boots and I was able to transfer the data off of it. I just had to use an external monitor to see the screen! Hats off to Apple…

The fact that this smashed and dented MacBook Pro still functions properly — just like the iPod touch ran over by a pickup truck — is quite a testament to the strength and durability of Apple products. The aluminum unibody chassis on the MacBook Pro not only has an elegant design, but it is also a strong material that supports the internals of the notebook exceptionally well. So while this MacBook Pro might be dented and need a screen replacement, there is a fair chance that it could be salvaged and used normally again in the future. Another look at the damage can be found ahead.

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