Take a Look at North America’s First Samsung Retail Store

Samsung felt loved enough as a sponsor for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada that it has decided to open its very first North American retail store at the Metrotown shopping mall in nearby city Burnaby. Samsung will be focusing on its mobile products at its retail store, which is essentially any device that can be purchased by consumers and carried out of the store on the same day. Samsung cleanly displays its wide variety of consumer electronics at the store from its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone and Galaxy tablets to its lineup of laptops and cameras.

“This is a huge play for us,” said Politeski. “We’re super psyched; it’s a beautiful environment in which to experience a multitude of different Samsung products not only how they work themselves but also how they work together.”

At the back of the store, there is an area for one-on-one or group interactions with store representatives, designed to help people become familiar with their Samsung products and services. In essence, this is Samsung’s equivalent to the Genius Bar found at Apple Store locations. Other similarities that this Samsung store has to brick-and-mortar Apple locations include large, white banner-style posters across the walls of the store, accessories along the sides of the store and a familiar presentation of products on four “experiential tables” across the store.

It is unknown what type of expansion plans Samsung has for its new North American retail chain, but this could prove to be a very successful venture for the South Korean company as it becomes an increasingly big player in the consumer electronics industry in Canada, the United States and worldwide. Samsung was only a blip on the radar in Canada twenty-five years ago, but the opening of its first retail chain in the country comes at a time when it is now a leader in several markets including televisions and smartphones. A tour video is after the break.

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