Russian Hacker Shares Way to Get Free In-App Content Without Jailbreaking

App Store developers could be in for a nightmare as Russian developer ZonD80 has posted a video on YouTube that demonstrates how to easily download free in-app content on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This “in-app proxy” method does not require that the device be jailbroken and works on iOS 3.0 through iOS 6.0. iFans highly recommends that you stay away from following this procedure due to legality and security reasons.

We are sharing this hack for discussion purposes only and will not be providing detailed instructions due to the illicit nature of this method. The method does involve installing two certificates onto your device and changing your DNS record in Wi-Fi settings. After that simple three step process, a new window that prompts you to like the website, which appears to be run by ZonD80, will appear each time you attempt to purchase in-app content.

By tapping the “like” button, the in-app content you desire will instantly be downloaded to your device for free. As noted by 9to5Mac, however, not all apps suffer from this illegal measure because Apple does provide a way for developers to validate receipts for in-app purchases. But let’s hope that Apple goes one step further and solves the root cause of this problem in the near future. The video, which might not be available for much longer, can be found after the jump.

[i-ekb via 9to5Mac]

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