Duke Nukem 3D Review

Welcome to the review of the game ‘Duke Nukem 3D’. This game was actually released originally in 1996 for the PC but was then re-released just a few days ago on the 3rd of August 2009. So here’s the review!


There are two kinds of controls in this game. Casual and Advanced. Advanced is pretty much confusing and Casual is pretty complicated. But since it was just released, i’m sure they would improve the controls in the future. The game includes a range of lethal weapons such as a basic melee attack, to a pistol, a Chain gun (similar in design to the Nordenfelt gun), pipe bombs, freeze gun and shrink-rays, laser trip mines and even a very powerful rapid fire rocket launcher called the “Devastator”. There are also some misc. items such as steroids,Holograms,Night Vision goggles,Scuba Gear and a Jetpack to make the gameplay easier. Pretty impresive Swimming Underwater. Controls are weird, huh?


There are 3 places that you can play in. L.A Meltdown,Lunar Apocolypse,Shrapnel City. There are 4 difficulties too. Each place has 18 levels i think. I used to play the PC game so i may remember. The opponents are only monsters because the story is about the last person on Earth and is fighting to survive. There are many kinds of monsters and 3 main bosses. Each levels have loads of surprises and gimmixs’. There also small mini-games that you could find in some levels such as pool.I would say the levels are excellent. The first level


The game was originally released in 1996 so there’s nothing much to say. But there are some Hi-res 3D objects compared to the original version. The player and opponents are sort of pixel but objects are hi-res. I would say that the graphics good and better than you find on the PC version KABOOOM!


There’s nothing really much to talk about this game as it’s still in V.1 and was just released. In my opinion, the game is really fun and addictive. But the controls sould be better but the levels are great.

Price - $2.99


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