Android Grows Faster than iOS, Says Nielsen

Market research firm Nielsen reports today that it found Android grew faster than iOS in market share last month. Two thirds of customers are apparently choosing smartphones over basic devices now as well, which helps both Apple and Google. Nielsen’s report details that Android had a 51.8 percent market share in June, while iOS only had 34.3 percent. RIM’s falling BlackBerry held an 8.1 percent share and is still dropping. In addition, Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t growing as much as Android right now and Google is taking even more of the market as time goes on.

Android and iOS combined make up more than 90 percent of the total smartphone market stateside. RIM trails at 4 percent and other operating systems like Windows Phone 7 and webOS make up the remaining 5 percent. Interestingly, Apple scored well in the manufacturers category, where they held 34 percent of the market share, leaving Samsung with 17 percent and HTC 14 percent. It’s clear that the Cupertino-based corporation can dominate on its own, but Google’s OS is still on top.

[Nielsen via AppleInsider]

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