City of San Francisco Drops Macs Due to Lack of EPEAT

Yesterday, we reported that Apple had stopped abiding by the EPEAT criterion in 39 of their green-certified Mac products because of the battery being glued to the case of the new Retina MacBook Pro and various other reasons. Unfortunately, there’s more to this picture than a simple lack of meeting special environmental standards. The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal reports today that the city of San Francisco will no longer be purchasing Apple computers for all 50 of the city’s offices.

Officials with the San Francisco Department of Environment told CIO Journal on Monday they would send out letters over the next two weeks, informing all 50 of the city’s agencies that Apple laptops and desktops “will no longer qualify” for purchase with city funds.

Melanie Nutter, the director of San Francisco’s Department of Environment, said that they are “disappointed that Apple chose to withdraw from EPEAT” and the city hopes “that the city saying it will not buy Apple products will make Apple reconsider its participation.” This is a bold move, but since EPEAT is a standard that federal, state, and local governments must comply with, the city doesn’t exactly have a choice in the matter.

It’s a shame to see Apple lose a corporate market like this just because their products don’t meet the requirements that almost all of their competitors do. This will force most government users to transition to a Hewlett-Packard or Dell product in the future. In fact, EPEAT’s official list of partners shows that HP has 221 participating products, Dell has 171, and Samsung has an astounding 309.

[WSJ via MacRumors]

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