Cut your SIM down!

It’s easier than you think. I’ve just come back from the iPhone launch (which I camped out for, and was front of the line in Cardiff! Yeaaahhh!) and realised I didn’t have a MicroSIM to activate my phone with. Luckily, O2 gave me some Mini SIMs (not Micro) for free – So I had something to practice cutting on.

The best method I found is demonstrated in the video I recorded below – and it really is simple. I’ve cut 6 SIMs so far – and all 6 have worked. That’s 100% success rate! :p For more info, click “read more” and check out the video I’ve uploaded (ignore my tiredness… I haven’t slept)

Also at the bottom of this post is another link which gives you a different method of cutting SIMs, which looks a lot harder and involves knives (which I wasn’t willing to touch on 0 hours sleep)

Also, click here for the Meat Cleaver method.

And here’s the best picture I took on launch!

Thanks to the guys from MacRumors for keeping me company!

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