Noise Free Wireless Sues Apple Over Noise-Reduction Technology

We’ve been steadily reporting on Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung and Google, but it appears that 1 Infinite Loop is on the receiving end of this patent dispute. Centered around U.S. Patent No. 7742790, Noise Free Wireless is filing a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that they have infringed on their Noise-Reduction technology.

The plaintiff said that they first presented their technology at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters in September of 2007, and continued meeting with the corporation for 3 years. Non-disclosure was agreed upon verbally at first, while a written agreement was signed during September of 2008.

Noise Free hopes that the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California finds evidence of misappropriated trade secrets, a breached contract, and engagement in unfair business practices. The professional relationship between these two Silicon Valley companies went bad when Noise Free Wireless learned that Apple was going to use technology from their competitor, Audience, in its products.

“[Apple] extracted Noise Free’s proprietary and confidential object code, determined Noise Free’s noise reduction software and measured and duplicated the signal traces from the circuit board and microcontroller,” claims Silicon Valley based company, Noise Free Wireless.

The complaint filed by Noise Free alleges that a patent filed by Apple near the end of their relationship includes some of their patented technology. The company claims that Apple not only reverse-engineered some of what was demonstrated to them, but also that they shared this information with Audience. Audience EarSmart noise reduction technology is used in all three iPad models, as well as the iPhone 4 and 4S.


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