Apple Maps Could Come to Macs

Apple’s own mapping service in iOS 6 is going to bring a seismic shift to the way people had been accustomed to looking up locations, rating restaurants, and getting directions on their iOS devices. The company has partnered with many great services like Yelp for ratings, TomTom for navigation, and OpenStreetMap for general mapping information. But the more I used them on my iPad and iPhone, the more I wanted to have them on my MacBook as well. I headed over to OpenStreetMap to see if I could get the same experience in a web browser, but Apple has clearly polished this service up quite a bit in its porting to iOS — just look at the picture above.

I’ve hoped that the fruity company would bring a native app to the Mac eventually, maybe next year with the release of OS X 10.9. However, there has been no proof that this would happen until today when developer Cody Cooper reported that he’d found references to a Mac version of Maps for iOS 6 when snooping around in the beta’s code. More coverage after the break.

Our developer friend, Cody Cooper has now stumbled upon an interesting code dump in iOS 6 maps application which hints at the possibility of Apple Maps coming to Macs in the near future.

During his routine investigation of Maps app, Cody found some interesting bits in the filealtitude_manifest.xml

Within the “altitude_manifest.xml” file are references to Intel chipsets. Now, why else would there be mention of a desktop CPU in a mobile Maps app? No, Apple is not going to be bringing Intel to iOS devices; they’re just going to be bringing the Maps app to the Mac. This is the only plausible reason and if it rings true, we might see the iOS 6 Maps app make its way to Macs sometime this year — along with the new mobile OS, that is. However, there’s no release date or really any other information at all right now besides that.

Would you like to see Maps come to the Mac?

[Cody Cooper via Technically Personal!]

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