Apple Working to Shut Down UDID Activation Websites

Just a few weeks ago, we shared an article by Andy Baio for Wired that revealed how selling UDID activations is a lucrative business that Apple has neglected to take action against. Several individuals will purchase a developer account with Apple for $99 per year and turn a profit by selling one of 100 UDID activation slots — which allows access to iOS beta downloads — for $5 to $10 each. But Apple isn’t fooling around anymore.

It appears that Apple might have caught wind of this black market, as the Cupertino-based company now appears to be cracking down on websites that sell UDID activations for a small monetary fee. A number of the websites that Baio addressed in his article have since gone offline, with one site owner in particular noting that his hosting provider took down his website following a copyright infringement complaint from Apple.

Apple does mention that developers who breach its Developer Center agreement by offering non-developers access to exclusive beta software can face criminal or civil liability, but the company has yet to enforce that policy with any of these backdoor businessmen directly. Nevertheless, iFans maintains its zero-tolerance policy against the buying, selling, soliciting, or sharing of UDID registrations for iOS beta downloads.



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