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Oh noes! The boogieman has taken your favorite stuffed animal! That’s not good. You go into your toy chest, and find that all your other stuffed goodies are gone too. So what does your five-year-old imagination make you do? Put on a box helmet and grab your paper sword, it’s time to step into your closet and fight this boogieman and save your toys from destruction!


The boogieman took your bunny, go get it back!

Stepping into the main game, you are given very few weapons. Against real foes, they are useless; against the boogieman and his army of imaginary critters, it is as good as the real thing. Your cardboard helmet and sword will drive you to success as a means of defense, but also offense.

These are the weapons you are handed, they will be the ones you will use.

Like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, this game’s adventure happens when you step into your wardrobe. Inside, you’ll find, not one (like in the classic book), but 4 worlds for you to explore. Each world is divided into a number of levels to ensure hours of puzzle-solving, critter-smacking gameplay.

As you progress through the game, things get more difficult, levels get longer, and bigger; enemies more abundant. This is the classic aspect of any adventure game. You go through puzzles, each harder than the last that require you to do actions to reach certain points. It adds dimension to an otherwise simple, yet trite, game.

The inclusion of puzzles allows the game to take on another dimension, otherwise, it’d be too easy.

As you go through the game, you’ll find new critters you need to fight though. Some are really simple, some try to hide themselves, others will come straight out and attack you. In the forest of imagination, many things are harmless, at the same time many things will harm you, so be careful; some are more discrete while others are blatant.

Some discrete critters, like this one, will attack you if you don’t know it’s there.

Getting attacked by a critter will take a certain amount of health from you. You only get three hearts, each hit takes half of one. Six hits and your gone. Thankfully, you’re able to collect buttons and buy candy for your little suitcase. Candy replenishes health.

Collect buttons throughout the game to buy things.

Control mechanisms in the game are quite simple. You have a virtual analog stick to your left and a single action button to your right. Move and act, that’s really all there is to the game. I do wish that movement could be faster. Your character never runs, he walks at an extremely slow pace. It can really make the game that much more frustrating.

Controls are quite simple, 2 objects, a joystick and a button, control everything in the game.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


The graphical screenshots don’t do justice to what they actually are on the device. The graphics are not vividly detailed, but they really don’t need to be. See, imagination land is cartoonish, you’re cartoonish, and everything is shown in a drawn fashion. Detail and clarity are decent, but the graphics just really work for this game.

The graphics in the game aren’t vivid, it’s not an Unreal game, it’s simple and to the point.

Graphics: ★★★★★


Sticking with the cartoon, fun, fashion of the game, the audio is quick and quirky. Overall, it is detailed, with a decent BGM and sound effects. It’s nothing overwhelming or powerful, but it syncs well with the gameplay and graphics. I really can’t find problem with it. Sound effects are ample in number, while the BGM keeps the non-serious nature of the game fun.

Audio: ★★★★★


Your primary objective in the game is to retrieve your favorite bunny from the treacherous boogieman. This task requires you to go through the main game. Afterwards, however, you’ll find that each level has its own toy in it. Your toy chest was robbed too. This is a good way to add replay into the game, as it requires players to go back through the levels and replay them to get the missing toy.

The boogieman has also taken your other toys, go retrieve them too!

Each level also contains buttons, which are used as currency for candy (which refills your health). There is also a side mission to collect all the buttons; this seems very boring as a mission though. As always, you also get your achievements.

Achievements aren’t handled through Gamecenter in this game.

Replay: ★★★★½


The game is 3 dollars in price, it drops down to 1 occasionally. At three dollars, the game is worth the price as it offers deep gameplay and a decently long story. It’s not that hard to play, more of just solve the puzzle and go one. Side quests with buttons and other toys may help the game out a bit. I do wish the main character could walk faster or run. Overall though, I do see this game as well polished, stable, and fun. Definitely worth the 3 bucks.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

NCSoft did a splendid job with My Little Hero. He may not be a true hero in our minds, but his cardboard box and sword transform him into something that we never could. Take the step into the wardrobe and start your adventure; catch that treacherous boogieman and reclaim your stuffed bunny!

Overall Score


My Little Hero

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