Please Make Way for Tiny Wings 2, Coming July 12th

Remember your favorite iPhone pass time, Tiny Wings, which came to the App Store early last year? Well, it hasn’t been updated in nearly ten months, never got iPad support, and hasn’t had Retina graphics since launch, making it unappealing to some gamers. Well, Andreas Illiger, the developer, has just teased a sequel in a homemade video (above) and it’s possible that it’ll have iPad support. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but the continuation of your favorite addicting iPhone game is set to release on July 12th, according to the video. If it’s anything like its precursor, Tiny Wings 2 should be both entertaining and artistic.

Illiger does say this on his contact page about iPad and Retina support:

I would love to do that. Coming when I have time. I think I will do some content updates first.

Also, even though an Android version of the game would be great, Illiger says — also on the contact page — that it’s “not planned at the moment, but [he] will see.” Interestingly, the enigmatic video gives little detail on whether this game will be an update to the current release or a completely new app. Whatever the case, you’ll surely get some new levels as well as more expanded device support, hopefully.¬†Are you excited?

[Andreas Illiger]

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