Google Confirms Galaxy Nexus ‘Coming Soon’ in Play Store Due to Injunction

Two days ago, Google stopped selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, its flagship Android smartphone, at the Play store for reasons unknown. It was suspected, however, that this had something to do with the ban that Apple had been granted on the device in the U.S. Another reason that would have accounted for its sudden “Coming Soon” status was that Google was preparing it to simply have the latest version of Android instead. Nevertheless, Google has now informed ABC News that Judge Koh’s verdict was indeed the reason behind the device being unavailable for purchase at its online store.

While this is sad news for any potential customers out there, Google assures that the device will be in its online store again next week, this time with the latest version of Android. The spokesperson for Google also told ABC News that this update would remove the patent-violating features to vindicate both Samsung and Google in this one case. On a side note, if the device does indeed relaunch next week, we could also see Android 4.1 and the Nexus 7 tablet make their debut as well.

[ABC News]

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