‘iPad Mini’ Could Have Display Akin to iPhone 3GS

Well known Apple pundit John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame has offered his insight on the screen for the so-called “iPad mini,” noting that Apple would likely use the same display technology utilized by the iPhone 3GS for its miniature tablet.

Gruber notes that LCD displays are manufactured in large sheets and then cut to size, which is a method that Apple has been using since the original iPhone debuted over five years ago.

“So instead of cutting these sheets into 3.5-inch 480 × 320 displays for the iPhone 3GS, they’ll cut them into 7.85-inch 1024 × 768 displays for the smaller iPad,” claims Gruber.

“Same exact display technology, though — display technology that Apple has been producing at scale ever since the original iPhone five years ago. These are displays Apple knows they can produce efficiently and in enormous quantities. All they have to do is cut them into bigger pieces.”

With a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, the “iPad mini” would have the same amount of pixels as the original iPad and iPad 2 models; this is great for developers, since apps will not need to be redesigned from scratch to accommodate the smaller display. Moreover, at 7.85 inches diagonally, the height of the smaller iPad would be nearly identical to the width of the current iPad with Retina display.

[Daring Fireball via AppleInsider]

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